How to Generate Instagram Token – detailed explanation in 12 easy to follow steps with screenshots

How to generate Instagram Token? You can follow instructions on or you can follow my instructions below

Use your computer an login into your Facebook and Instagram accounts. If you don’t know, Facebook owns Instagram. If you want to show Instagram feed on your website, your Instargam profile has to be public.

1. Go to and you’ll see My Apps in the header.

If you’re first time here, you’ll have to click on GETTING STARTED link in the header, and answer some questions. After that My Apps link will be available and you’ll be able to create first App.

There you have to go to and click on Create App and insert App name

Scroll to Add a Product and find Instagram icon (and Click on button Set up)

On the left you’ll see Instagram under Products and go to Basic Display and click on Create New App button in the bottom of the page.

Now you’ll have to create Instagram APP ID. Just click on Create App


Scroll down to User Token Generator and Add Instagram Testers (type your Instagram username) and click on Submit


Now follow the link Apps and Websites above your Instagram avatar (where is PENDING) and you’ll be redirected to Instagram account.

Click on tab TESTER INVITES and Accept button.

Now get back to Facebook for developers and on the left hand side, under Instagram, go to Basic Display and scroll down to user Token Generator and click on GENERATE TOKEN button next to your Instagram avatar.

Click on Continue in pop-up and click on Authorize.

That’s it. Check I understand chekbox and you’ll be able to copy your Token.